Charts & Illustrations

Below a selection of cover illustrations and data visualizations commissioned for my articles.

Four approaches to turning trust into a competitive advantage
Cover illustration by Cosimo Miorelli (How to Turn Trust into a Competitive Advantage)
Concentration of people in cities (1950-2050)
Number of start-ups valued at USD (2009-2015)
Bitcoing energy consumption relative to countries
Share of global exports that participate in cross-border supply-chains, 2017
Increase of market power globally and across regions (1980-2010)
World's largest public companies 2018 versus 2008
Cover illustration by Oliver Barrett
Cover illustration by Francesco Cattani
Cover illustration by Cosimo Miorelli
Percentage of developing countries growing faster than the rich world
Percentage of absolute gain in real per capita income received, by global income level, 1988-2008
US Industry: profitability of top enterprises versus the rest
Regional distribution of Fortune 500 companies
US Industry: return on capital distribution
US Economy: profit share versus employment share by sector
Urban versus rural population growth 1950 - 2050
Cover illustration by John Jinks
Cover illustration by Oliver Barrett
Comparing the perception and reception of technological progress to different growth periods
Forecast versus foresight
Percentage of work time spent on digital communication
Increase of self-employment and increase of unicorn start-ups valued at one billion dollars or more
Political freedom declined around the world, whilst political protests increased
Top 5 global risks in terms of impact (Global Risk Report 2016)
Cover illustration by Matteo Baracco