How to drive innovation and intrapreneurship in international organizations? Honored to join inaugural "i2i hub" for IO innovation as mentor

I am honored to join the “i2i Hub for Innovation and Intrapreneurship in International Organizations” as a mentor for the first iteration of its senior leadership programme. In short, the i2i Hub seeks to:

  • act as a catalyst for innovation in International Organizations
  • connect innovators from different organizations, including private and public sector
  • spur and disseminate ideas to create impact
  • be a place for eye-to-eye (i2i) exchange of knowledge

In its pilot phase, the i2i Hub supports organizations through particular challenges of their innovation journey by facilitating discussions and proving customized input for shaping innovation activities. It pursues an inclusive approach encompassing all stakeholders of the organization, starting by priority setting with top management to middle management and staff as well as external stakeholders critical to the co-creation of innovation.

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