Teaching at the intersection of economics, technology and global politics.


Sustainable Value Creation

Exponential technologies are transforming the world, with wide-ranging implications for economies and societies. Business is at the centre of an epic race – not just to commercialize these technologies to tap into new sources of revenue and profit, but to fundamentally reimagine its role and license to operate in a world of great global challenges. How can technological and business model innovation deliver on the promise of building a better future?

Technology, The Future, and You

Who we know, what we know, how we know, how we interact with others, and how we respond to personal needs for health and livelihood is mediated by large-scale technical architectures and the systems maintaining them. This holds true for everything from border security to basic consumption decisions. How can we build a better future with more informed decisions about the development, adoption, and use of technology?

The Practice of International Relations

Since the end of the Cold War, the world has shifted towards a more open and connected global environment. East and West, North and South started to trade and compete on increasingly equal terms, driving an economic expansion much larger than anything the planet ever experienced before. Who are the actors that shape global policy outcomes? What factors and constellations influence their behaviour? What new principles or mechanisms will provide order as established ones falter? And, how will all these developments affect the world’s capacity to manage global challenges, such as nuclear proliferation, environmental sustainability and climate change?

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