TU Munich, 2020: Leadership Imperatives for the world’s “Decade of Delivery” Talk at TU Munich EMBA, Munich, February 2020

TU Munich/UnternehmerTUM, EMBA, February 13, 2020

Trust is the operating system of successful societies. Its erosion in the face of unprecedented levels of corporate power and a perceived surge of intended and unintended corporate wrongdoings gave rise to a new ecosystem of trust architects, brokers, and champions.

Market leaders need to tap into this ecosystem to make sure they don’t jeopardise their competitive edge by losing their public’s faith; smaller actors may enjoy greater societal trust but face the mammoth challenge of converting their trust advantage into a competitive advantage.

I was delighted to give a talk at the joint Executive MBA in Innovation and Business Creation of UnternehmerTUM and the Technical University of Munich which kicked off this year’s module on Leadership & Cooperation. The presentation built on three recent articles on trust:

Some pictures from the event

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