Building successful partnerships PhD Thesis, submitted on July 2012

My PhD thesis “Building Partnerships Successful Partnerships – A Production Theory of Global Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration” introduces a production theory of multi-stakeholder collaboration describing how the contributions stakeholders add to a partnership are translated into outputs.


Multi-stakeholder partnering has become the ‘new mantra’ of decision-makers in business, government and civil society. Yet our understanding of what drives success and failure in these institutions remains incomplete. This book introduces a production theory which describes how the relationship between contributions and outputs influences behaviour, and suggests how technology, leadership and governance should be aligned to make partnerships work


  • The Rise of Global Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships
  • Mapping the Partnering Landscape
  • Governing Partnerships: a Survey of the Literature
  • Partnering as Joint Production of Global Public Goods
  • Technology and Behavioural Dynamics
  • Technology, Leadership and Governance

Target Groups:

  • Researchers and students of international relations
  • public administration and micro economics
  • practitioners in global multi-stakeholder partnerships
  • partnership brokers and consultancy firms in this area

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