US government launches new AI cybersecurity challenge and other tech stories to read Published on "Forum Agenda", August 2023

Published in: Forum Agenda, 22. August 2023

  • This fortnightly round-up brings you the latest stories from the world of technology.
  • Top technology stories: US government launches new AI cybersecurity challenge; China outlines new rules for facial recognition technology; New funding for direct air capture technology

1. US government launches new AI cybersecurity challenge

The Biden-Harris Administration in the United States has launched a new two-year competition that aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) to help protect some of the country’s most important software.

The ‘AI Cyber Challenge‘ will bring together competitors from across the country to look at how software vulnerability, in areas from critical infrastructure to the code that runs the internet, can be identified and fixed using AI.

Several leading tech companies, including Google and Microsoft, will work with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency on the competition, which will offer nearly $20 million in prizes.

The Administration hopes the competition will showcase AI as a force for good and demonstrate its potential to tackle critical challenges.

2. Saudi Arabia and UAE buy up computer chips for gen AI

The Financial Times (paywall) reports that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are buying thousands of Nvidia computer chips to support their artificial intelligence ambitions.

According to the FT, Saudi Arabia has purchased at least 3,000 of the company’s H100 chips.

It comes amid a global push to secure hardware, like chips, that is vital for the development of artificial intelligence technologies. American tech firms, like Google and Microsoft, are major global buyers of Nvidia chips.

The H100 chip was described by Nvidia’s President, Jensen Huang, as ‘the world’s first computer [chip] designed for generative AI.’

3. In brief: More tech news to know

Californian firefighters are using AI to help spot wildfires. The system feeds video from more than 1,000 cameras across the state to the technology, which then directs first responders.

The United States has said more than 460 companies have expressed their interest in government funding for semiconductors in an effort to boost the country’s competitiveness in the space. Applications opened in June for the $39 billion subsidy programme.

IBM is working on new technology to make AI more energy efficient. It’s developing a prototype chip that has components that connect in a similar way to the human brain.

The US government has announced new funding for direct air capture technology, with $1.2 billion made available for two projects in Texas and Louisiana.

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