TU Munich, 2021: What is value, and how can it be created sustainably? Lecture at TU Munich EMBA, Munich, July 2021

What is value, and how can it be created sustainably? This was the guiding question for a new course I launched at the Technical University of Munich in July together with two excellent co-lecturers and an amazing roster of guest speakers.

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We are beyond grateful for the supported of a distinguished group of guest speakers, from technology entrepreneurs to academicians, and best-selling authors:

Carrie Chan, Co-Founder and CEO, Avant Meats, China
Avant develops patent-pending biotechnology to produce meats without animals. It directly feeds nutrients to animal cells, grows them in a controlled environment, and harvests them after two months. Avant’s technologies can produce different meats. By piloting with fish, it aims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals on Life Below Water, Responsible Consumption and Production, Good Health and Well-being, and Zero Hunger.

Sean Gourly, Co-Founder and CEO, Primer, USA
Primer is an artificial intelligence company that uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate the analysis of large datasets. The company builds systems that read and write in English, Chinese and Russian. With Primer, people have more time and capacity to be more curious, uncover new connections, draw conclusions, and make decisions.

Maxim Nohroudi, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, door2door
door2door is a leading mobility software company. Its data-driven platform solution enables public transport companies and local authorities to optimise their public transport network with on-demand mobility solutions. The Company’s vision is the car-free city – by turning public transport into an individualised mobility service that’s replacing the privately owned car and moving beyond static routes and stagnant schedules.

Rong Chen, Founder, Elastos Foundation, China
The Elastos Foundation is a non-profit organization developing open-source web services for a decentralized, blockchain-powered internet. The services Elastos provides allow developers to create applications that protect user privacy and ownership rights by making data secure, identifiable, and scarce.

Guy Standing, Author, Switzerland
Guy Standing was a professor at SOAS, Bath and Monash universities, a director of the ILO’s Socio-Economic Security Programme. His books include The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class, published in 23 languages; The Corruption of Capitalism; Basic Income: And How We Can Make It Happen; and Plunder of the Commons. In 2020, he collaborated with Massive Attack on a video based on his book Battling Eight Giants: Basic Income Now.

Lee Vinsel, Author, United States
Lee Vinsel studies human life with technology, with particular focus on the relationship between government, business, and technological change. Since 2015, with his collaborator Andy Russell, Vinsel has organized and led The Maintainers, a global interdisciplinary research network that examines maintenance, repair, and mundane work with technology. Vinsel’s work has been published in several major history journals and has appeared in or been covered by Aeon, the New York Times, The Atlantic, Guardian, Le Monde, and other popular outlets.

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